Saturday, September 28, 2013

eyes wide open

The days at Sharon Garden are an oasis of rest, refreshment, and encouragement as we see the ministry of IGL up close and personal. The lush green gardens right in front of our rooms offer sanctuary and stand in contrast to the harsh landscape of rural living right down the road. We find our minds full of sights and sounds at the end of every day which do not easily quiet for a restful sleep. We find ourselves humbled as well as grateful for the opportunity to be in this beautiful land of contrasts. Now that are conference work is over, we have a sense of relief, but at the same time challenged to be open for whatever God wants to reveal in the moment. Sometimes, when the tyranny of the urgent passes, we can become complacent and self focused. Throughout the preparation for this journey, we read the book Serving with Eyes Wide Open to help us understand more about short term missions and the importance of having cultural intelligence. We pray that our listening and learning about the Indian cultural will impact our mission in a positive way, but more importantly we want to listen to the Holy Spirit and have eyes to see with God's vision. We need to lean into Him for every ounce of strength and purpose. Pray for us as continue the work and for us to be fully present with "eyes wide open."

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