Monday, October 7, 2013

Fun Highlights

Funny Highlights

·      Carol revealing hilarious stories from her past
·      Ordering virtual juice for breakfast
·      Trying to figure out how to use an Indian toilet
·      Packing and repacking suitcases to get them under 44 LBS
·      Taking cold showers
·      If there were not cows on the streets there were dogs, goats or monkeys
·      Mrs. Potato head and scripture?
·      McDonalds meal with Prati
·      Kylee and Carly motorbike stories…
·      How are you? The school children shout in unison, “I am fine!”
·      Getting stuck in a bathroom when the lights go out
·      The water gets shut off while in the shower.
·      Paper Airplanes
·      Ducking to get into the bathroom
·      Is there Internet? Where?
·      Power is on, power is off, does anyone blink?
·      How many times do we use hand sanitizer a day?
·      Peanut M&M’s!
·      Janice taking pictures of a sign and all the men in the background smile and wave…. way to go Janice!
·      Carol’s “Leprosy”
·      Pashmina

Highlights in Numbers

·      9 Flights - of course last flight delayed....current arrival 5:15 PM Cincy Oct. 8!
·      8 pat downs in 24 hours
·      7 hotels
·      40 Plus rides in Taxis, buses or vans
·      30 meals with rice
·      365 steps at the Monkey temple
·      7 pairs of shoes thrown out
·      120 malaria pills
·      1 case of “leprosy”

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