Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sights and Sounds in Delhi

The team is safely in Delhi and has had a packed last two days. Here are a few snapshots from Tuesday to today (Thursday):

  • Meeting and hearing testimonies from almost 100 Indian men doing work in North India
  • Getting to encourage these men as well as some women
  • Meeting women from different parts of North India taking a beautician training course to help bring extra income to their families and to help build relationships with other women in their villages
  • Getting to see schools for children in some impoverished conditions
  • Spending time with our hosts, who were gracious enough to invite us to dinner at their place

We are looking forward to spending a few hours this afternoon getting to see more of Delhi. Many of the contrasts of India are really standing out to the team here in India's capital. We've seen slums within a few minutes drive from a posh, modern airport. Walking around with our host who knows 7 languages and then meeting people who may not be literate. We are all slowly taking these images in. It will probably take some time for it to all sink in, and perhaps even longer to understand how to respond. 

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